Chain link fence

 Chain link Fence is made from galvanized or pvc coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace and fittings to build a chain link fence system in the park, tennis court, airport and other places. Also can be used for animal breeding. It is mainly divided into galvanized, PVC, PE-coated three products with easy construction and maintenance, bright colors, which are the preferred products to beautify the urban environment.



Material of chain link mesh fence :

Made of quality low steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire and PVC wire. PVC coated wire, powder coated wire, stainless steel wire, (201,302,304,304L, 316, 316L), high quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, iron wire and so 



Specifications of chain link mesh

Mesh/inch wire(BWG)  weight(kg/m2)  Mesh/inch wire(BWG)  weight(kg/m2) 
1/2″  14  4.4  5/4″  14  1.92 
3/4″  12  6.0  3/2″  10  4.0 
3/4″  14  3.3  3/2″  12  2.7 
3/4″  16  1.9  3/2″  14  1.6 
1″  12  4.0  2″  4.16 
1″  14  2.4 2″  10  3.0 
1″  16  1.4  2″  11  2.5 
5/4″  12  3.2  2″  12  2.0 
Remark:we could also produce the chain link fence at the buyer’s option.



Light Duty
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
3’-4’ high
Top Rail
1-3/8” 17 ga.
1-3/8” 16 ga.
1-3/8” 15 ga.
Line Posts
1-5/8” 17 ga.
1-5/8” 16 ga.
1-5/8” 15 ga.
Terminal Posts
1-7/8” 17 ga.
1-7/8” 16 ga.
1-7/8” 15 ga.
5’-6’ high
Top Rail
1-3/8” 17 ga.
1-3/8” 16 ga.
1-3/8” 15 ga.
Line Posts
1-7/8” 17 ga.
1-7/8” 16 ga.
1-7/8” 15 ga.
Terminal Posts
2-3/8” 17 ga
2-3/8” 16 ga.
2-3/8” 15 ga.

Three ways of end treatment for chain link fence 




How to order chain link mesh fence:

1: Material
2: Anti-corrosion Treatment:
galvanized, PVC coated
3: Colour
4: Wire Diameter
5: mesh size
6: End Treatment
7: Length, Width



Advantages of Chain Link Fence:  


   1) Low carbon steel diamond mesh has a heavy galvanized coating to ensure a long life

   2) Use for High security building: Airport ,Farm land,Sport field,Prison and so on

   3) It can offset force,so it is widly use for sports field

   4) Chain link wire mesh is separable,you can adjust the length as you need

   5) The height can be up to 7m

   6) It is more security to add some razor barbed wire or barbed wire on the top

   7) beautiful diamond mesh:different colors for choose

   8) easy to install .



Application of chain link mesh fence


1.Fencing of factories, farms, houses and animal enclosures.

2.Roof support in long wall mining.
3.To provide fencing across boundaries for security.
4.Effective indoor or outdoor protection around machinery or in test areas, protectionagainst flying objects yet permitting visibility of operations behind screens.
5.It is also used in outdoor fencing 

screw anchor with good quality

About anchor :We have two types anchor,screw anchor  and cable anchor.

Screw anchor is also called ground anchor ,helix anchor.It have two parts.Steel rod and steel dics.It is widely used in some place.It is a good way to fix something in ground without rocks.It can be used to Boat Mooring,Utility Pole Guying,Tree Guying,Piering,Etc.

earth anchor ,screw anchor

Screw anchor can be installed by hand or machine.If by hand ,you can make a straight steel bar to the eye and then screw it.The screw anchor will be in the ground like a drill.

You also can install it to the ground by machine.The eye will also fit into an adapter available from most hole-boring machine manufacturers so the anchor may be power-installed.So if use machine ,it is more easy to install.

Now i give you some normal specifications for your information.We also can produce screw anchor with your specifications.

In normal situation, the diameter of rod is 8 to 25mm diameter.The length of it is 25cm to 200cm.

Specifications of ground screw anchor

5/8″X4″X30″ 16MM 4MM 1.766
5/8″X6″X30″ 16MM 4MM 2.165
5/8″X6″X36″ 16MM 4MM 2.4055


4MM 2.547
3/4″X6″X36″ 18MM 4MM 2.8515
3/4″X6″X48″ 18MM 4MM 3.461
3/4″X8″X36″ 18MM 4MM


3/4″X8″X48″ 18MM 4MM


3/4″X8″X54″ 18MM 4MM 4.055
3/4″X8″X60″ 18MM 4MM 4.361
1/2″X3″X48″ 13MM 4MM 1.583

Surface treatement of screw anchor:

Power coated:You can choose every color that you need.

Galvanized :The surface treatment is hot dipped galvanzied ,
although the cost is relatively high, this surface treatment has good corrosion resistance.

Made of galvanized steel, these anchors are corrosion-resistant and easy to install. They provide good holding power in a variety of soil types.

MOQ:We accept small order of screw anchor ,but if the order is too small, the cost of freight is high.So you need to concern the suitable quantity.

Sample:The sample is free.

x tend mesh

X tend mesh is made of stainless steel cable and stainless steel ferrule.The name

Beautiful surface.

X tend mesh have diamond hole ,the surace is bright,we also can produce it according to your color.It is widely used  in architectural decoration.

It is fiexible.
The material ,cable diameter and mesh size can be adjusted according to customer request.

The surfac is soft , but it is very strong.
X tend mesh  is soft, it will not  hurt human or animals . But it is strong ,impact resistance.

Good Visibility.

Because the cable is thinner and hole is bigger ,so it have good visibility.

Will not Rust.

Because it is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel ,so it have Very good corrosion resistance。

Long life for use
Because it made of stainless steel ,it can be used more than 20 years.