Stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is the best choice for zoo. Stainless steel  rope mesh as  zoo mesh, the most choice is woven type stainless steel rope mesh, because it has a stronger impact resistance, can be used for a long time. Previously, the zoo mesh often choose  galvanized or PVC chain link fence or welded wire mesh, the use of these mesh is too short, need to be replaced it 3 to 5 years, it will be not only increased the cost, but also with other inconvenience. And the collision of animals not only led to the damage to themesh, there are damage to animals. And galvanized or PVC mesh, if subjected to animal eating, will affect the health of animals. The stainless steel rope mesh is the  perfect solution to this point, the material is 304 food grade stainless steel, will not harm the animal health, strong shear resistance, to prevent the animal biterupture. Flexible protection, with a buffer to prevent the damage to animal skin and skin to ensure the safety of the zoo mesh, with strong resistance to corrosion, and if the zoo is near sea ,you can  choose a more better  material (316 stainless steel rope mesh). Although compared to other mesh, the cost Higher, but reduced the cost to change and solve other aspects of the problem, so now a lot of zoo to take this program