About us

We were founded in 1988 and have a history of 27 years. From the small workshops of the first few people to the current 236 people. Our  company has a professional quotation, technology, quality inspection team. We always adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship. We only do one type of products, stainless steel wire rope net, zoo net, wire rope system. We always believe that a dedicated commitment to a certain field and continuous research and development will enable us to develop in this industry. Gain more experience and faster productivity. Better quality products and more support for customers.
The stainless steel wire rope network has only been introduced to China for less than 30 years, as the first company to engage in this field. We always adhere to high quality products. Do not reduce the quality of the product because of lower production costs. We have anti-shock tests on our products and can provide customers with corresponding test reports. No cheap materials are used to deceive customers, and each of our products can provide customers with material reports.
We have a professional production team, most of whom have more than ten years of production experience, which determines the proficiency of production, and can produce products to customers better and faster. With professional technicians, we can provide more professional guidance to our customers, and we can provide customers with price calculation services faster.
Due to manual production, there is an inevitable error. We have set up a special team to measure the error of the network, and all products that exceed the error range will not be provided to the customer. A responsibility system has also been established for workers to better narrow the margin of error.