Ferrule type stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh have two type,ferrule type stainless steel rope mesh and woven type stainless steel rope mesh.

Now i show the information of ferrule type stainless steel rope mesh for you.

Ferrule type stainless steel rope mesh as called ferrule type stainless steel cable mesh,x tend mesh.x tend netting,it is widely used in the field of architecture.

Specifications of  x tend mesh.

Rope diameter:1 to 4mm in normal

stainless steel rope construction:7×7 or 7×19

Material of stainless steel rope:In the general environment,304 stainless steel.

In The marine environment,316 stainless steel.(If use 316 stainless steel rope mesh ,it can  resistance to chloride ion corrosion)

Opening Orientation of x tend mesh:

Mesh size of x tend mesh:


For bird aviary,you can choose x tend mesh with small hole.

For railing mesh(also called balustrade mesh),you can choose cable diameter with 2mm.

The best way to save cost:tell us the max mesh size that you need ,if you want to more sturdy, you can choose a thinner cable diameter. 

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