why choose x tend mesh as aviary mesh

The stainless steel rope mesh is also called x tend mesh. It is now more widely used in the field of aviary mesh. Stainless steel rope net is the best choice for aviary mesh.

Everything is relative. In order to prove that the x tend mesh is the best choice for bird nets, we use plastic net and welded net for comparison. Plastic nets and welded nets have been used as aviary mesh for long time, but now more people choose x tend mesh as aviary net. Because it has more advantages.
The first point, sturdy. Many birds have sharp claws and shackles. Such as eagle and parrot. Parrots have a strong bite habit.Choosing a plastic net, it is easy to be smashed.
Second, in hot or cold environments, plastic nets can become easily broken after a few years.
The third point is that the x tend mesh has a very light weight compared to the welded mesh. In addition, the mesh of the x tend mesh is relatively large, and it has good resistance in the snowstorm environment.
Fourth, although the cost of the x tend mesh is higher than that of the plastic mesh and the welded mesh, it is maintenance-free and can be used for twenty years or more. Over such a long period of time, x tend mesh is able to maintain its mechanical properties and aesthetic appearance. However, the welded mesh and the plastic mesh need to be replaced regularly, so the comprehensive calculation and selection of the x tend mesh as the aviary mesh is accounted for.
Fifth, the x tend mesh has an open view, which allows people to better observe the life of birds and make birds more comfortable. The x tend mesh has a diamond-shaped appearance and can also serve as a decoration.

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