how to choose the size of stainless steel cable mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh is also called stianless steel cable mesh.Stainless steel rope mesh has excellent mechanical properties. It is soft and tough. Therefore, stainless steel rope nets are widely used in the construction field. It has many names depending on the application. Building decoration net, building safety net, railing net, handrailing net,zoo net, bird net and so on. Depending on the application, the main purpose of the stainless steel rope mesh is to prevent falling and to prevent animals from escaping.

One application of stainless steel rope nets is installed on a balcony or railing to prevent people from falling. In this application, we recommend the diameter of the rope 2mm or 2.5mm, mesh size 60X104MM, 70X120MM, 80X139MM.
Another use of stainless steel wire mesh is to prevent animals from escaping. As a zoo mesh , there are two situations. For small animals, the first consideration is that the mesh must be able to stop the animal from escaping. You can choose a thin rope to reduce overall weight, expand visibility and reduce costs. For parrots, depending on the size of the parrot, we recommend mesh size of 25 x 25 mm or 30 x 30 mm. The rope can be 1 mm in diameter.
For large animals like tigers, the first consideration is that stainless steel rope mesh must have good impact resistance. The diameter of the rope can be 3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm. The mesh can be enlarged appropriately, which not only reduces the weight of the cage, but also saves costs and expands the field of view. Let the life of the beast be more comfortable and convenient for people to observe.
Note: All specifications are adjustable and the recommended specifications are for reference only. You can send us the specifications you need, we produce it according to the specifications that you need. We can also provide our suggestions to you. If necessary, we can do a mechanical test on our stainless steel rope mesh.

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